What is not covered

What is not covered by PremiumCare:

Service adjustments and cleaning, batteries of all types and cables, brakes (front hub, drums, shoes and disc rotors), coolant, exhaust system (includes catalytic converter), filter fluids, lubricants, lights (bulbs, sealed beam, lenses), spark plug wires, squeaks and rattles, tires, tune-ups, Compressed Natural Gas or Liquid Propane Gas Conversion components, LED lights, shock absorbers, wheel balancing, and wheel alignment; g) Service adjustments (glass and body parts), bright metal bumpers, door handles, glass, moldings, ornamentation, pain, rust, sheet metal, structural underbody framework, side view mirrors (glass and body parts), water leaks, wind noise, weather strips, wheels, wheel studs, wheel covers and ornaments, wiper blades, convertible top, fabric, liners, zippers, fasteners, buttons, carpets, dash pad, door and window handles, knobs, rearview mirror (glass and housing), trim and upholstery; and costs or expenses for the teardown, inspection or diagnosis of Failure not covered by this Agreement.

What is not covered by this Agreement under any plan:

Unless stated otherwise, this Agreement does not cover:

  • Repairs or services covered by an Original Equipment Manufacturer recall or any insurance or warranty;
  • Repairs or services required by a failure to perform required or recommended scheduled maintenance;
  • Repairs or services to the vehicle if the odometer is altered, broken repaired or replaced so that We cannot determine the actual kilometers on the vehicle;
  • Repairs caused by loss of lubricants or fluids or contamination of oil, fluids or fuel and repairs caused by continued operation of the vehicle after loss of lubricant or fluids or contamination of oil, fluids or fuel;
  • Repairs caused by collisions or other physical damage to the Vehicle, unreasonable use (such as driving over curbs, overloading, or using Vehicle as a stationary power source), damage from fire or explosions, road hazards, other casualty losses, or losses due to negligence, racing,
  • Repairs to any engine, transmission and final drive components for damage caused by an after-market turbocharger or supercharger or Failures caused by:
    1. alternation or modifications of the Vehicle, including the body, chassis, or components after the Vehicle leaves the control of the manufacturer (any part or accessory that is not permanently affixed to the Vehicle at point of sale);
    2. tampering with the Vehicle or the emissions systems and components;
    3. the installation or use of any part not approved, certified or authorized by the Vehicle’s manufacturer; or
    4. any part designated for “off-road only” that is not installed by the manufacturer, including but not limited to , lift kits, oversized tires, aftermarket wheels that do not provide equivalent fit and function as the original equipment installed by the manufacturer, roll bars, cellular phones, alarm systems, automatic starting systems and performance-enhancing powertrain components;
  • Damage caused by the environment and pollution, including airborne fallout, corrosion chemicals, tree sap, salt, hail windstorm, lighting, freezing, flooding, earthquake, snow or ice;
  • Damage caused by theft, vandalism, terrorism, riot or acts of war;
  • Repairs caused by lack of required or recommended maintenance;
  • Scheduled Maintenance Services;
  • Repairs needed to cover part caused by the Failure of a non-covered part
  • Repairs to the Vehicle if the odometer is altered, broken, repaired or replaced so that We cannot determine the actual kilometers on the Vehicle;
  • Loss of use of the Vehicle, special or consequential damages, and personal expenses, such as motels, food, gas and kilometers;
  • Kilometer charges, drop-off fee, insurance, or gasoline.