Ineligible Vehicles & Usage

A vehicle is excluded from coverage if,

  1. the New Vehicle Limited Warranty for the vehicle or specified component part is voided, in the whole or in part,
  2. the vehicle is branded, totaled or salvaged, or
  3. We cannot determine the VIN,
  4. .all Non-Ford and Lincoln vehicles,
    • Ford GT,
    • Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR and Supersnake,
    • hybrid vehicles,
    • all emergency vehicles (police, fire & ambulance),
    • taxis,
    • limousines,
    • livery vehicles,
    • electric vehicles,
    • rental vehicles,
    • shuttles,
    • tow trucks,
    • vehicles used for competitive driving,
    • racing,
    • off-road use,
    • performance modified vehicles,
    • 4×2 equipped vehicles modified for 4×4/AWD capabilities,
    • vehicles equipped with snow plows,
    • incomplete vehicles (e.g. chassis cabs, cutaways, stripped chassis),