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Company History

Company History

The New Yrausquin Story

Sr. YrausquinIn 1952, our founder Ruben Efrain Yrausquin Sr. took over the prestigious Ford dealership on our neighboring island of Curacao. At that time of economic pressure, overall car demand was at a minimum and as such the Ford brand also needed a serious sales boost. Positive trade winds were driving the economy up and with hard work, Ruben was able to increase sales for the premium car brand at a rapid speed.

"When I started out, there were 6 other car businesses. Ford had no considerable market share. So I had to start building up consumer confidence and get the garage into full service. Slowly but surely, the business started to take off. But still, I always pushed for more." – Ruben E. Yrausquin Sr.

By 1969, Ruben’s business range was widened with not solely the Ford dealership, but also some pharmacies, department stores and a record shop. Soon after the garage was just relocated in Salina the political unrest reached its peak. And during the riots that followed, all stores were burned to ashes leaving behind devastation, yet solid business experience and an excellent reputation.

Mr. Yrausquin

Not very long after the incidents of 1969, Ruben was able to re-establish the Ford dealership, adding brands as Lincoln and Mercury to the portfolio. Three successful years later, he purchased a car dealership "Carib Motors" in Aruba and accordingly, R. E. Yrausquin & Sons was born. As the eldest son, Rubencito ( Ruben Yrausquin Jr. ) was designated to follow in his father's footsteps and managed Carib Motors with a wide array of car brands added to the established dealership: Honda, Daihatsu, Daewoo, Suzuki and Hyundai completed the portfolio which was re-assessed after some time to grow into the one which we still know today.


The company is currently owned and managed by the third generation of the Yrausquin family, representing the premium automotive brands passed on by their father: Ford, Lincoln and Mitsubishi.

At present, by keeping the legacy of Ruben E. Yrausquin Sr. alive to always push for more to set higher goals and achievements, the dealership has expanded its portfolio by introducing the Mercedes-Benz brand in 2014.